Monitor & Report

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Monitor and Report

Monitoring and reporting at all levels ensures proper oversight of nutrition activities.

Nutrition coordination committees (NCCs) conduct joint monitoring and support supervision visits to their lower local government NCCs, departments, and partners to provide oversight to activity implementation. NCCs are also responsible for submitting quarterly reports that capture progress on nutrition governance activities and on the implementation of activities in the multi-sectoral nutrition action plan. At district level, DNCCs are expected to monitor nutrition activities through support supervision of lower local governments. Lower local governments, sectors/departments, and implementing partners are expected to report on nutrition activities to DNCCs, that then consolidate the information.

At the national level, the Nutrition Secretariat coordinates monitoring and reporting efforts across sectors, local governments, and other stakeholders through the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Technical Committee (MSNTC). These combined efforts create a comprehensive picture of progress toward achieving positive nutrition outcomes.

Standardized tools, templates, and resources support regular and consistent monitoring and reporting. Below are monitoring and reporting resources for NCCs and tools that can be used to monitor sector-specific nutrition activities.