cover of PROFILES in Uganda full report

Reducing Malnutrition in Uganda: Estimates to Support Nutrition Advocacy Uganda PROFILES 2013

PROFILES is an evidence-based tool to support nutrition advocacy. PROFILES uses models and country-specific data to project the economic and health consequences of not adequately addressing a country’s nutrition problems. Taking a defined period of time (e.g., the next 10 years), the tool estimates the negative consequences of no improvement in nutrition versus the benefits of improved nutrition, including the impact on lives saved or improved and economic productivity. PROFILES results can be used to advocate for evidence-based actions to improve nutrition.

PROFILES was used in Uganda to estimate the benefits of improved nutrition and consequences if nutrition does not improve. The information in this report can be used to make an advocacy case for investment in and scale-up of nutrition activities in Uganda. For PROFILES information targeted to key audiences, see the Nutrition Call to Action Briefs and the Nutrition Fact Sheets. The report is also available as a summary.